Village Hotels Successfully Roll Out hetras
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Village Hotels Successfully Roll Out hetras

04.03.2016 | hetras Deutschland GmbH

Replaces Former PMS System

Village Hotels Successfully Roll Out hetras

Village Hotels, the British hotel chain comprising twenty-eight properties with an urban touch, is in the middle of a fast roll-out of the hetras native cloud platform to all of its hotels. As part of this roll-out, Village Hotels is replacing its entire PMS scenery, one that has been running for many years, with hetras´ cloud based Hotel Management System. Village Hotels is taking advantage of hetras versatile land-scape in order to run applications such as CRS, GDS, online distribution and mobile check-in.

The hetras technology behind the new level of self-service and convenience offers hotel groups a cutting-edge, cloud-based hotel management platform. hetras' technology package includes property management and central reservation systems, as well as distribution connectivity, and allows hotels to manage online all aspects of a mobile guest journey, from booking to billing.

In other words, at any Village Hotels with hetras cloud based hotel management software, guests are able to serve themselves, conveniently, online. This includes booking a room, checking in, obtaining a mobile room key, easily accessing avail-able services, like the hotel's health and fitness club, Starbucks, or the in-house restaurant, and receiving the bill via email after their stay.

"By replacing our legacy Opera systems, we are changing our operations to be-come lean and easy and are shifting our team’s focus from a computer screen to the customer,” explains Rob Paterson, Commercial Director of Village Hotels. "In parallel,” Paterson adds, ”we allow our customers to move at their own pace through the guest journey by offering mobile solutions.”

According to Philip von Ditfurth, one of hetras' Managing Directors, ”Our native cloud platform is a perfect fit for Village Hotels. Any hotel group that wants to move to mobile hotel operations and use true next generation technology now has a viable alternative. We are excited we could prove the scalability of our solution and the automated migration from the existing PMS to hetras.”

Uli Pillau from hetras comments, ”It has always been our objective to provide hotel groups around the world with a next generation platform that can replace the legacy software on the market. As our technology is native cloud-based and pro-vides all mobile components, it really brings hotels to a long desired next level. The open API platform we have built allows anybody to connect their innovative Apps or other software to hetras.”


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